International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Physico-chemical and in vitro glycemic indices of popular pulse varieties grown in Sri Lanka

Author(s): HM Theja Herath, KG Tharuka Gunathilake, IS Eashwarage, Keerthana Sivakumaran, RA Asoka Ranathunga
Abstract: Pulses are rich in protein, fibre and minerals and performing unique role in human body. Present study produced proximate composition, mineral content, starch fractions and Glycemic Indices (GI) of popular pulses grown in Sri Lanka. The proximate composition; ash, protein, fat, crude fiber and carbohydrate were found to be 3.4-4.3%, 22.0-26.6%, 0.8-2.0%, 3.0-6.9% and 62.0-66.7%, (on db) respectively. The significantly highest (p≤0.05) content of iron and calcium were found to be in horse gram; variety ANK brown with 114.5 mg/kg and 1571.6 mg/kg respectively. Dietary Fibre (DF) and Resistant Starch (RS) contents showed the highest values for horse gram. All the pulses showed low Predicted Glycemic Index (PGI) values and ranged between 39 and 42 while Horse gram had the least value for PGI. In conclusion, pulses can be recommended as low GI food category (GI ≤ 55). Therefore, Pulses can be recommended as a good source of healthy vegetable protein.
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