International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Effect of enrichment on quality evaluation of finger millet mix carrot cake

Author(s): Shuchi Upadhyay, Kanika Dhami, Rajeev Tiwari, Sanjay Kumar, Deepika Kohli, Poonam Muktawat
Abstract: Cake is a form of food that is baked and usually sweet in taste. It provides fats, carbohydrates and body building protein. Carrots are good source of β-carotene and carotene content ranges from 60–120 mg/100 g. A study was conducted on Effect of Enrichment on Quality Evaluation of Finger millet Mix Carrot Cake. The sponge cake methods were used to prepare this enriched mixed cake. The aim of this study to evaluate nutritional properties of finger mixed carrot cake and its utilization as partially substituted of wheat flour in cake making for school and college age. The present investigation indicates that the finger millet cake increase in the protein content in cake Sample 1 contains 3.56% and that of sample 2 was 3. 1%, sample 3, was 5.08%. The variation in the protein content in cake sample is due to the finger millet soy flour. The result showed that there was decrease in crude fiber of the samples. Sample 1 contains crude fiber 4%, where samples 2, shows 3.5%, and sample contain reflect 3%. This decrease in the crude fiber was due to variation in the formula of the cake. The total acceptability, taste and colour of cake were increase with addition of finger millet and carrot.
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