International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Chemical composition of Kalakand enriched with papaya pulp (Carica papaya)

Author(s): Arti B Manohar, AS Gawali, SM Pawar, VP Madane-Patil
Abstract: A study on “physicochemical analysis of kalakand enriched with papaya pulp (Carica papaya)” was carried out by using buffalo milk. The study was to develop kalakand enriched with papaya pulp in different concentration by using whole milk. and the study on find out the physicochemical parameters of kalakand prepared by addition of different levels of papaya pulp. kalakand prepared with 5 per cent papaya pulp was found best treatment on the basis of physicochemical analysis of kalakand. The most acceptable quality flavoured kalakand could prepared by using papaya pulp at the rate of 5 per cent of the buffalo skim milk and it contained total solids, fat, protein, ash, moisture content and titratable acidity as 61.4, 13.2, 10.9, 1.39, 40.1 and 0.62 per cent, respectively.
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