International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Physicochemical, microbial and sensory properties of MOI-MOI as affected by processing method

Author(s): Agbara Gervase Ikechukwu, Haruna Blessing, Chibuzo Elizabeth Chinyere, Agbara Helen Ngozi
Abstract: Cowpea seeds were differently processed into flours by sprouting, steeping, supplementation with dehulled maize flour (30%), each had dehulled and undehulled counterpart, the controls were untreated cowpea flour making a total of eight samples code-named: DC, UC, SDC, SUC, 16DC, 16UC, 16DC+DM, 16UC+DM; from each moimoi was prepared. Some of the functional and proximate properties of the flours were evaluated, prepared moimoi were subjected to proximate, mineral content and sensory evaluation. The water and oil absorption capacities (WAC & OAC) were low, highest values of WAC (143.57% and 142.98%) were recorded in the sprouted dehulled (SDC) and (16 h steeped dehulled cowpea flour plus maize flour (16DC+DM) respectively. OAC (126.45% & 126.24%) followed the same trend, the control had the least WAC or OAC (73% and 65%); bulk densities of the sprouted were the least (0.448 & 0.437%). Moisture, fat, protein, ash, crude fiber and carbohydrate contents of the moimoi varied significantly (p<0.05), 62.65-71.26%, 3.80-9.30%, 4.72-10.32%, 2.16-3.45%, 2.26-3.65%, and 5.29-19.15% respectively. The control had the highest dietary energy (158.64kcal), significantly different from cowpea-maize moimoi (16DC+DM) which had the least (119.34kcal). The mineral contents (mg/100g) differed significantly (P<0.05) and the undehulled control had better mineral profile. The highest Iron content (1.45) was observed in the sprouted (SDC), but the highest level of Calcium (73), Magnesium (2.01), Potassium (98) and Phosphorous (2.98) were located in the control (DC).The control had the best sensory scores and moimoi made from sprouted cowpea flours were least appreciated, however were not disliked. The nutrient profile of the sprouted cowpea flours/moimoi were the best although the organoleptic attributes were unlike the traditionally made moimoi consumed for a long time immemorial.
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