International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

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Sapota a wonderful fruit from nature: A review
Pages: 01-04  
Metabolic syndrome: Intake of Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia (Kunth) McVaugh)
Pages: 05-13  
Caffeine content of products in Egyptian markets and its daily intake among Alexandria University employees
Pages: 14-21  
Diverse sensorial responses to miraculin taken after sour food in diabetics and individuals who went on protein diet, suffering from ketosis
Pages: 22-24  
Sensory acceptability of value added buffalo milk paneer with different levels of garlic paste
Pages: 25-27  
Sensory, chemical and microbiological quality attributes of beef salami sold in Assiut city, Egypt
Pages: 28-35  
Evaluation of the quality of melon (Citrullus colocynthis) seed meal enriched gari produced from cassava (Manihot esculenta), sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and Irish potato (Solanum tuberosum)
Pages: 36-42  
Effect of protein deficiency on teratogenicity obtained from the ethanolic extract of the seed of Garcinia kola
Pages: 43-49  
Influence of foliar spray of calcium and micro-nutrients on yield, yield attributing parameters of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) cv. Nabila under net tunnel
Pages: 50-53  
Proximity analysis and sensory characteristics of soya dates sandesh
Pages: 54-60  
Performance, haematological and serum characteristics of broiler chicks fed diets with graded levels of rice offal
Pages: 61-67  
Anti-oxidant activities and phytochemical content of methanol extracts of Capsicum frutescens
Pages: 68-73  
A review on milk and its biological effects on human health: Neurological conditions, cardiovascular diseases and cancer
Pages: 84-89  
Chemical properties of corn starch as influenced by sprouting periods
Pages: 90-94  
Evaluation of functional and pasting properties of different corn starch flours
Pages: 95-99  
On Farm Testing: An use of protection cover for sucking pest management and synchronized fruit set in muskmelon at Bidar district of Karnataka
Pages: 100-102  
Standardization and nutritional evaluation of organic jaggery based muffins
Pages: 103-105  
Iodine status and academic performance of school age children (6-12 years) in Umuahia North local government area, Abia state Nigeria
Pages: 106-110  
Nutritional composition and quality evaluation of products prepared from wild apricot (Prunus armeniaca)
Pages: 111-117  
Sensory tolerability of miscellaneous herbal nectar from bottle gourd, mint, lime, sugar syrup
Pages: 118-120  
Phenolic extracts of the pod of Ceratonia siliqua new alternative in fruit maturation
Pages: 121-124  
Nutritional status, household food security and dietary diversity of the elderly residing in Ilaro, Ogun
Pages: 125-135  
Antioxidant activity, type II diabetes related enzymes, cholinesterase and tyrosinase inhibition properties of methanolic extracts of peel, pulp and peel fiber from underutilized fruits of Citrus hystrix and C. maxima
Pages: 136-144  
Effect of different drying techniques on quality parameters of Guava leaves powder
Pages: 145-150  
Influence of substrate formulation and Pleurotus spawn age on the growth and carpophore production in the locality of Allokoua (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pages: 151-156  
Effect of non-thermal processing techniques on milk components and dairy products: Mini review
Pages: 157-159  
Contribution to the inventory of some spontaneous food plants used as ingredients of typical sauces: Case of daloa, central West of Côte d'Ivoire
Pages: 160-164  
Evaluation of frontline demonstration of sesame for sustainable food production in Kalaburagi district of Karnataka
Pages: 165-167  
Frontline demonstrations: Improved production technologies in enhancement of chickpea productivity in Bidar district of Karnataka State
Pages: 168-170  
Comparative study of microgreens with mature greens incorporated ready-to-eat chutney powders
Pages: 171-175  
Ingredient optimization by response surface methodology and nutritional evaluation of bread from wheat, millet and soya meal flour blends
Pages: 176-184  
Comparative evaluation of the microbial safety of boiled locally vended ready-to-drink, HTST pasteurized and UHT bovine milk sold in Nakawa Division of Metropolitan Kampala
Pages: 185-189  
Enrichment of probiotic ice-cream with prebiotic green banana flour (Resistant starch)
Pages: 190-193  
Effect of anti-microbial extract on physico-chemical changes of selected hydro cooled horticulture produce
Pages: 204-211  
Initial soil testing analysis under site specific nutrient management in Vertisol and inseptisol of Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 212-215  
Millets crop role in food and nutritional security of India
Pages: 216-218  
Traditional and modern method of processed foods and its application
Pages: 219-222  
Analysis of nutritional composition and antioxidant activity of oyster mushrooms grown in Bangladesh
Pages: 223-229  
Frontline demonstrations: integrated crop management (ICM) in red gram with an Innovative approach of transplanting technology for higher yield at Bidar district of Karnataka
Pages: 230-234  
Climate resilient intervention in pigeonpea under drought condition for food security
Pages: 235-237  
Development and quality evaluation of maize Idli
Pages: 238-245  
Phenolic composition of grape pomace skin of four grape cultivars
Pages: 246-249  
Food handling/serving and hygiene practices: The perception of food vendors operating in Obubra local government area of Cross river state, Nigeria
Pages: 250-256  
A review on understanding the subterranean insights in nature of South Indian ghee with its biological and physiochemical properties
Pages: 257-262  
Global consequence of malnutrition and its preventive methodologies
Pages: 263-267  
Nutritional and in vitro Bioactive compounds analysis of Canthium coromandelicum (Burm.f.) Alston leaves
Pages: 268-271  
Antioxidants: Extraction and application in food industry
Pages: 272-281  
Spectroscopic screening of assorted pigmented vegetables and fruits common in metropolitan Kampala culinary recipes for anthocyanins
Pages: 282-290  
Proximate analysis and bioactive compounds analysis of Gymnema lactiferum
Pages: 291-294  
Evaluating recent evidence from low carbohydrate diet in type 2 diabetes management: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Pages: 295-301  
Production, nutrient and sensory qualities of biscuits produced from wheat-coconut-almond flour blend
Pages: 302-306  
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