International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

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Studies on physicochemical properties of edible oils
Pages: 01-10  
Drying characteristics of Chandramukhi variety potato for thin layer and foam-mat drying
Pages: 11-15  
Extraction and characterization of mucilaginous material from Dawul Kurundu Leaves (Neolitsea involucrate) and Godapara Fruits (Dillenia retusa)
Pages: 16-19  
Evaluation of functional foods properties on Thai curry soups without coconut milk by using water extraction in vitro experiments
Pages: 20-22  
To study the organoleptic properties of Ladoos made from variations of Flax seeds and multigrain flour
Pages: 23-26  
Formulation and nutritional analysis of biscuits made from quinoa, flax seed and brown rice
Pages: 27-30  
Acceptability of selected herbs as off-odor remover and flavor enhancer for dried parrot fish Scarus rivulatus
Pages: 31-37  
Phytochemical analysis and thin layer chromatographic studies of Passiflora edulis leaf extracts
Pages: 38-41  
Nutritional evaluation of cassava leaf meal based diets on broiler starter chicks performance
Pages: 42-45  
Arecanut, Areca catechu L. as such is not carcinogenic in normal dose if chewed without tobacco: compilation of research work
Pages: 46-51  
Evaluation of nutritional value and in vitro antioxidant potential of differentially processed underutilized leafy vegetables
Pages: 52-60  
Economic analysis of cassava crocket manufacturing process from raw cassava roots as an initiative for waste reduction
Pages: 61-64  
Nutrient analysis and sensory evaluation of fish soup powder prepared using white bait (Stolephorous Spp.)
Pages: 65-68  
Influence of preparation methods on antioxidant profile and phytochemical constituents of commercial tea (Camellia sinensis) infusions
Pages: 69-74  
Antioxidant properties of germinated millets (Eleusine coracana & Pennisetum glaucum): A Comparative study
Pages: 75-78  
Macro-nutrient composition of vegetarian meals consumed by undergraduate students of Babcock University
Pages: 79-83  
Identification of meat products by using mitochondrial DNA hypervariable region
Pages: 84-90  
A study on the nutritional status of Jain women
Pages: 91-94  
Comparison of contents of phytates and saponins and the effect of processing in some selected edible beans in Sri Lanka
Pages: 95-100  
Nutritional potential of five unexplored wild edible plants consumed by the tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh state in India
Pages: 101-105  
वर्तमान जीवन : शैली के परिदृश्य में ‘आहार-ज्ञान’ की आवश्यकता
Pages: 106-107  
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