International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Natural tropical and chemical preservatives effects on shelf-life and hedonic acceptability of tiger-nut milk and soymilk under storage conditions: A review

Author(s): Agbémébia Y Akakpo, Marius K Somda, Fatouma Abellatif-Mohamed, Henriette B Mihin, Aboubakar S Ouattara
Abstract: Soymilk and tiger-nut milk were processed into natural fresh beverage. The problem of preservation of these milks as vegetable milks samples is common in many countries. In such situations, many research were conducted. This article proposes a review on quality of some different preservatives used to preserve and extend shelf-life of tiger-nut milk and soymilk under storage conditions. The effects of preservatives on the microbiological quality and the acceptability of milks were investigated. It arises that tiger-nut milk and soymilk undergoes various changes during storage conditions. In spite of the dangerousness of chemical preservatives for human health, the most preservatives used were the chemical or synthetic one. Unfortunately, after a long period of storage of milks in that it were added, the hedonic acceptability is virtually unacceptable. The shelf-life of soymilk or tiger-nut milk increased by different preservatives if stored at refrigerated condition. These information will be guiding the globally of nutritionist and manufacturing unit the appropriate preservatives for extending and preserve tiger-nut milk and soymilk.
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