International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Functional and nutritional characteristics of organic jaggery millet cookies

Author(s): Mahalaxmi BK, Hemalatha S
Abstract: Jaggery is the natural sweetener and available in solid, liquid & powder form. The micronutrients which are present in Jaggery has many nutritional & medicinal aspects like its anti carcinogenic & antitoxic activity. Jaggery has proved itself better as compared to white sugar. Jaggery is known to produce heat and give instant energy to a human body. Millets are highly nutritious and are known to have good nutritive value and therapeutic use. In developing countries like India with increasing urbanization, the demand for processed food is increasing popularly. Among them, bakery products particularly cookies command wide popularity in both urban and rural mass. Hence, an attempt was made to develop value added jaggery millet cookies with acceptable sensory attributes. The present study was conducted for formulating cookies by substituting sugar with non-organic jaggery and organic jaggery, evaluating physico-chemical analysis; shelf life and consumer acceptability of selected and accepted products were conducted. The findings revealed that, the little millet jaggery based cookies with ratio of 75:25 of sugar: non organic jaggery incorporated little millet cookie and 100:0 of organic-jaggery: sugar incorporated little millet cookie was selected for further evaluations. The physical parameters like bulk density, spread ratio and spread factor did not vary significantly. Iron content was significantly (p≤5 %) higher in organic jaggery cookies (2.20 mg/100g). Calcium (180.10 mg/100g) and potassium (220.0mg/100g) were higher in non-organic jaggery cookie respectively. Phosphorus did not differ significantly in both (150 mg/100g, 149.6mg/100g) respectively. Organic jaggery cookie had shelf life of 60 days. Consumer acceptability showed that none of the product was in ‘dislike’ category for the developed cookies.
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