International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Pesticides contamination in potatoes and associated health risk to population with respect detection limits

Author(s): Dr. Raginee Devi, Dr. Sujata Pandit Sharma, Dr. Anita Kumari
Abstract: The objective of the review is to document, assess and analyze the results of the previously reported data on pesticides application and their residues in potato from different countries. This research subject covers a complex relationship of the pesticides application in potato field, residues concentration in potato, and human health risk. Hazard risk index (HRI) were calculated for Imidaclorpid, Metalaxyl Chlorpyrifos, Previcur-N 72.2%, Proplant 72.2%, Prothiofos, 3,5,6 tricholoro-2-pyridinol, Profenofos, Monolinuron, Mancozeb, Manzate D, Manzate 200 and Manzate pesticides in potato. The findings of the previous studies indicated that only porthiofos contaminated potato crosses the HRI unity. The results also highlights the data on pesticide application and residues in potato cultivation is limited which should be overcome by further extending studies from different countries in the world. In order to establish the condition of good potato for human consumption as potato make significant part of human diet, it is essential to monitor pesticides residue in potato by the country authorities and implement guidelines based on permissible limits.
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