International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Marketing, Supply and consumption leaves Cuervea isangiensis traditional leafy vegetable in Africa-Congo Brazzaville

Author(s): Itoua Okouango YS, Makoundou Alaric, Mbemba François
Abstract: The aim of this work is to show the importance of traditional leafy vegetables, especially Cuervea isangiensis leaves, in the fight for food security and the alleviation of urban poverty in Congo Brazzaville compared to other market garden species. That the theoretical profitability makes more attractive. Two investigations were made:
  • One on the sale and supply of leaves of Cuervea isangiensis.
  • Another, the household survey on the consumption of these leaves
From these results obtained, the marketing survey shows that the leaves of Cuervea isangiensis are sold in the markets of Brazzaville in piles, with a proportion of 54.0% and in packets (46%). In the week the respondents sell on average 10 packets of leaves of Cuervea isangiensis with a proportion of 20,0%, with P˂0,001. This food (Cuervea isangiensis leaf) is transported to the markets of Brazzaville by truck from the villages. Suppliers of these leaves of Cuervea isangiensis make two trips a week (24%). The sale of Cuervea isangiensis leaves is breaking in markets during the dry season (74%.). These sheets are beneficial but the sale can not cover the needs of households (96%), sellers are interested in the sale of other foodstuffs for example the sale of bananas (24%.) And others (18%).The household survey shows that the leaves of Cuervea isangiensis are known (63% south of Brazzaville, 94% in other localities) and consumed by a part of the population (40% south of Brazzaville, 92% in other localities). The frequency of consumption of this vegetable is high in the southern part of Brazzaville, where 55% of the surveyed households consume twice a week, Cuervea isangiensis. In conclusion, the leaf vegetable studied could constitute for the population an important food supplement, for the fight against protein-energy malnutrition (PRM) and the alleviation of poverty of urban populations.
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