International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 5 (2018)

Nutritional and sensory characteristics of locally produced canned tuna from Hadhramout, Yemen

Author(s): Osan Maroof Bahurmiz, Mohammed Al-Sa'ady, Frederick Adzitey
Abstract: Fish canning is an important industry in the coastal region of Hadhramout province, south-east of Yemen. The area hosts all the three tuna canning factories of the country. The leading product (brand) of canned tuna in oil, Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), produced by each of these three factories, was evaluated for sensory (consumer preference) and nutritional (proximate composition) characteristics. Results of proximate composition showed no significant differences (P > 0.05) between the tested brands for the main nutritional components; moisture, protein and lipid, except for ash. Values (wet weight basis) were in the range of 59.77 - 63.11%, 23.33 - 24.56%, 8.05 - 8.97% and 2.01 - 2.25% for moisture, protein, lipid and ash, respectively. Sensory evaluation showed significant differences (P< 0.05) among the three brands for overall rating and most individual attributes. Nevertheless, all scores were within the "like" zone of the preference scale, irrespective of the brand.
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