International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Cardamom crop production and harvesting: A review

Author(s): Dr. Puneeta Ajmera, Ankita Singh Chauhan, Dr. Luxita Sharma, Dr. Mahavir Singh
Cardamom is spices to the different groups of exotic food stuff. Aromatic food ingredients of incense or perfume, it was formely applied to all pungent. The flavouring used in foods or drink.
Cardamom prevents certains serious aliments like cance & helps improve digestion health. You can with depression & aids in diabetes treatment. Even take cardamom milk also called elaichi milk & cardamom in your diet. Sugary pulp, held together by a viscid, dark red brown capsules contain several seed in each cell. Large cardamom is also referred to as black cardamom. The fruit is almost the size of nut Meg. Curred and fresh fruits are hand picked when mature dried. Portion of rhizomes & propagation is by seeds. The climatic condition & harvesting seasons generally begins in July & depending on the varieties cultivation & continues to March. Splitting at the time of drying both result in lower market value & ripening is avoided as it result in loss of green colour. Rodents, squirrels & the like capsule also get spoiled in the fields. The quality as well as the quantity of the harvesting. All the factors for production of the herb are taken into consideration in the present study.
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