International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 3, Issue 2 (2018)

Species confirmation and evaluation of nutritive values of frozen fish products

Author(s): Roma R Patel, Nevya J Thakkar, Pinal D Shah, Pradeep C Mankodi
Abstract: Seafood mislabeling is a global issue following the increased worldwide seafood trade particularly of processed seafood products. Subsequently, there is a risk of unintentional substitution of low valued fish species for high valued fish in fishery products. Fish species can be identified by knowledgeable fishermen, wholesalers, restaurateurs and consumers while the specimen remains in its whole state. However, once products like fillets are prepared from the fish, species identification or confirmation becomes more difficult. Bioprospecting involves searching for, gathering and deducting genetic materials from samples that can be used in commercialized end products. Thus bioprospecting gives an idea about the genetic confirmation and nutritive content of the frozen fish food. Molecular techniques have proven to be effective in species identification and capable of bypassing the inherent problems of morphology-based identification methods. DNA barcoding represents an effective tool for fish authentication in convenience seafood. Biochemical techniques are used to estimate the nutritional content of the samples. The data generated from this study will be helpful in distinguishing among the frozen fillets of similar species in order to prevent fraudulent substitution with less valuable fish. The work demonstrates the comparison of the nutritive content of the fresh fishes and the frozen one.
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