International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition

ISSN: 2455-4898

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

Impact of an enriched pregame meal on athletic performance

Author(s): Anto Cordelia TA, Usha Chandrasekhar, Sylvia Subapriya
Background: A “Soy Protein Isolate enriched Pregame Chocolate Bar” (SPIPCB) developed was evaluated for its acceptability, nutrient content, keeping quality and its effect on selected male athletes.
Materials and Methods: 100 g of the soy protein enriched bar was administered to the athletes as a pregame meal. 75 sprinters were selected from the District Sports Hostel, Tirunelveli and were equally distributed into 3 groups of 25 each. The first group (Group I) was used to study on a cross sectional basis. All of them were subjected to performance assessment before (on empty stomach) and after they were given the two pregame meals. Bread and Jam (UPGM) was chosen as the pregame meal for comparison purpose. Subsequently after an interval of seven days, the enriched SPIPCB-I was given once on a chosen day. After an interval of 7 days the SPIPCB -7 was given for 7 consecutive days and performance evaluated on the seventh day. The second (UGPM- Group II) and third (SPIPCB -Group III) groups of 25 each were also subjected to impact evaluation. It was a onetime provision and performance was assessed using physical work capacity (Harvard Step Test), Endurance Test (Tread mill Test), Athletic event test (100 m sprint). 
Results: The SPIPCB developed provided about 418 kcal and it kept well for 3 months the impact of the bar on athletic performance revealed that it enhanced both physical work capacity and biochemical parameters studied. 
Conclusion: Seven day administration was more beneficial suggesting that regular use of SPIPCB as a pre-event meal would certainly provide the winning edge for the athlete in the long run.
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